Philipp van Limborch

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Philipp van Limborch (June 19, 1633 – April 30, 1712), Dutch Remonstrant theologian, was born at Amsterdam, where his father was a lawyer.

He received his education at Utrecht, at Leiden, in his native city, and finally at Utrecht University, which he entered in 1652. In 1657 he became a Remonstrant pastor at Gouda, and in 1667 he was transferred to Amsterdam, where, in the following year, the office of professor of theology in the Remonstrant seminary was added to his pastoral charge. He was a friend of John Locke, whose A Letter Concerning Toleration was likely addressed to, and first published by, Philipp van Limborch. He died at Amsterdam on April 30, 1712. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Limborch, Philipp van.
Amstelodami : Apud Henricum Wetstenium, 1692.
Collection: Van der Vekene
Fondo Antiguo
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