Yoshirō Taniguchi

was a Japanese architect. He was born in the city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. He was a graduate of Tokyo University Department of Architecture and professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology from 1929 - 1965. As an architect, he created over 50 buildings and 10 memorials and participated in many professional activities as a statesman of Japanese modern architecture. “Yoshirō Taniguchi must be regarded as one of the most widely known, and, in the best sense, popular architects in Japan. Taniguchi is also well known for his writings and has made a name for himself as a designer of tombs, monuments and memorials which are all exquisite in themselves and suited to their surroundings.”. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Taniguchi, Yoshirō, 1904-1979.
Tokyo, Osaka, Moji & Nagoya : The Mainichi Newspapers, 1956..
Collection: Díez del Corral
F. Ant. S. XIX y XX
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